Thameside Theatre

About the Theatre

The Thurrock group was started in 2014 at The Thameside Theatre with the all time classic musical Annie. We have since gone onto produce many shows at the theatre including Grease, High School Musical and Peter Pan.

Thurrock Council opened the Thameside Complex in January 1971. It provided a new building for the Central Library and Local History Museum. By the time of its completion, the Thameside Theatre had a full technical fit of lights, curtains and sound equipment. The Thameside quickly established itself on the professional circuit with a mixed programme of pro shows, local amateurs, and film. The Thameside continues to offer a wide range of shows for all age groups and they are especially proud of their children’s work, which means that generations of Thurrock residents have enjoyed watching, and taking part in the magic of Live Theatre at the Thameside.


The Thameside Theatre
Orsett Rd
RM17 5DX


William Edwards School
Stifford Clays Road
Stifford Clays
RM16 3NJ

Essex Auditions

Essex Productions


The arrival Of RARE changed the game in town. Their rapid fire production style is just what young people want nowadays and ready made sets, costumes, lighting and sound allow them to create a high quality experience in minimal time. Their crew are used to working with many venues and are always polite and efficient.
They have excellent publicity resources and benefit from having multiple venues and territories.
Mark Allinson
Theatre Manager

The Show Team

Joe Peck

Show Director

Chantelle Simons

Musical Director

Paige Williamson