RARE Productions agree to provide:

What RARE expects from its performers:

We expect all performers attending rehearsals and performances to behave in a fitting and proper manner at all times. Misconduct, of a serious nature, will result in the person involved being asked to leave at an appropriate time and not to return. No refund will be paid.

We expect all performers to be on time for all rehearsals. If for unavoidable reasons they are going to be more than 15 minutes late please phone on 07811 789539 to inform us.

All members of the cast will have words and/or lyrics to learn for the show and any help from home with learning of the words would be appreciated.

RARE will provide each member of the cast with posters and flyers for the show and would ask that they distribute them among their friends/family/school and college. RARE will take publicity shots during rehearsals & performances and use these to promote either the show or the company. If you have any objections to this please let us know in writing.

If, due to illness or injury, a cast member is going to miss an unreasonable number of rehearsals (decided by the Director) or cannot take part in the actual performance, then they will automatically be accepted into the next production and the show fee will be transferred.  No refunds will be issued.  Any cast member who has an injury, illness, medical condition which the company deems would pose a risk to themselves or other cast members, will not be allowed to take part in the performances.

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