When and how will I hear about my audition?

Everybody who auditions for RARE gets a letter in the post addressed to the Parent/Guardian. In the letter it will explain whether or not a place has been offered and if a place has been offered then the role in the show will be explained. We always hope to get all letters out within two weeks of the second audition but please bear with us at certain times of the year.

What happens if a prior commitment clashes with my child’s rehearsals?

Your child may still take part in the show if they have a prior commitment that clashes with a rehearsal date. If they are missing more than two rehearsals, please contact the office prior to sending off your acceptance form.

What does my child have to wear?

RARE does not have a uniform. Your child needs to wear appropriate footwear for all rehearsals, jazz shoes or plimsolls.

Can my child swap teams?

Only under exceptional circumstances can children swap teams. The office, prior to first rehearsal, must agree to this.

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