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A message from RARE

Firstly RARE would like to thank everyone for their continuing support in the arts and RARE. As we all eagerly await news of theatres re-opening we would like to give you a quick update on where we are with our shows.

RARE had 21 shows in rehearsals when the nation locked down, the theatres have been amazing and almost all the shows have been rescheduled for dates later in the year. I know that a lot of our cast members have questions and we are going to try and answer a few of them now.

Is RARE still around?
Very much so, all our staff are very keen to restart rehearsals and we are just waiting for a green light from the government around theatres re-opening.

When will my show be?
In a lot of cases we have multiple contingency dates for our shows and rather than tell everyone a new date that may or may not happen we have decided that we will inform areas of new dates once we have a confirmation of when the theatre will re-open.

What about rehearsals?
This leads on from the previous question. Once we know when the theatres are going to re-open we will send everyone a new rehearsal schedule, some areas where very close to performing their show when we locked down but rest assured we will add some extra rehearsals so that we can remind ourselves of what we had done. In the meantime RARETV (www.rareproductions/raretv) has some tutorial videos from shows that were in rehearsals so you can have a practice at home.

Will it be the same show?
In almost all cases, yes. We have worked hard with the licensors (The people who own the shows) to move all the licences along with the new theatre dates. In a very few cases we might have a look at a new show but we will inform the specific areas if this is needed.

Are the RARE Offices Open?
At the moment the RARE offices are closed, however we are still answering any questions via facebook or email – Plus you can always check out RARETV ( to see what we have going on.

The world of theatre, along with a lot of industries, has been hit very hard by the national lockdown, but with your continuing support theatre, and RARE, will come back so we can all experience the fun and joy of being on stage.

RARE has been producing shows for over 17 years and will continue to put young performers on stage in professional theatres in front of a live audiences as soon as possible.