Regent Theatre

About the Theatre

The Regent Theatre Ipswich opened in 1929 as a cine-variety hall.

During the war the Regent provided much needed escapism and helped sustain public morale. After the war, The Regent flourished and enjoyed an attendance boom.

From 1958, local musicians and dramatic societies were encouraged to perform at East Anglia’s largest theatre. These included the Ipswich Operatic Society, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and later the Co-op Juniors. The programme has since included a wide range of productions including professional touring theatre, opera, ballet, comedy and full-scale orchestras.

The theatre was re-launched in September 1991 after Ipswich Borough Council successfully negotiated the ownership from the Rank Organisation and NCP. Today, Ipswich Borough Council continues to fund the theatre as part of its arts and entertainment portfolio, which also includes the Corn Exchange and Ipswich Film Theatre.


The Regent Theatre
St Helens Street
Ipswich, IP4 1HE

Box Office: 01473 433100


Northgate Arts Centre
Sidegate Lane West
Ipswich, IP4 3DF

Suffolk Auditions

Suffolk Productions


My daughters first production with your company and I have to say it’s been an incredible experience for her. She has loved it from the first audition to the closing night performance! The production staff have been wonderful throughout the rehearsals and show nights and they should be very proud of a fantastic show. We will definitely be seeing you all next year

The Show Team

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